March 20, 2009

Just For Fun Saturday 21 March 2009

Fun times in Secondlife at Northfarthing and Blackfriars Shakespere theatre.

Gorse and I will play a concert of Celtic and Renaissance dance music, Just For Fun, at Northfarthing Saturday at 12 pm slt ( 3 pm est., 20.oo Suisse) This concert will also be broadcast live into the new Blackfriars Shakespere theatre. 

At 1.30 pm slt (4.30pm est 21.30 Suisse) we will stream renaissance dance music to the Blackfriars Disco.

If you are not in Secondlife you can still listen by copying and pasting into ITUNES. Go to ITunes, advanced, Open audio Stream and past in the above address. This will only work at the times of the concert. If you try before you won't hear anything. Hope to see you!

March 15, 2009

Maemi Gardens, 15 March 2009

A concert of spiritual love, peace and joy.
Gorse and I will begin with a bicinia for alto and tenor recorders Pleni sunt caeli (The heavens and earth are full of your glory.) Followed by a 3 part piece by Walter Frye. Then we will play the first of a series of pieces by Josquin des PrĂ©s. We will continue our spiritual travels with Christe qui lux (Christ the Light) by John Redford and Laudes Deo (Praise The Lord) by Christopher Tye
Ave Verum are little pieces that are played while the priest blesses the holy bread during the mass. From there we will go to the truly sacred place of the Missa Pange Lingua of the great Josquin.
We will the bring you gently back to this world with 2 mass settings by the great Italian composer Palestrina. Gorse will return to play a last Josquin bicinia with me, Per illud ave prolatum. 
May peace be with you.