October 20, 2009

Next Concert 14 November

My next concert will be on 14 November at 12 p.m. pst. 3 p.m. est. 21:00 Suisse at Languedoc in Secondlife. There will be a special guest for a special concert with a live video feed and a film crew in sl.

October 16, 2009


2 concerts Sat 17 Oct 09. All kinds of recorder music from renaissance to blues.

12 pm sl Globe Theater, Renaissance Island
Recorder performance practice.
4 wonderful students coming to you live in video from Fribourg Switzerland.

Stream info for QUICKTIME MEDIA PLAYER file/open URL rtsp://

2 pm sl Woodstock benefit concert for a ill friend of SecondLife.
I'm going to take a stack of music of all kinds and sit down and play it for you. Lots of van Eyck, Demoivre, celtic, blues whatever comes across my eyes. No program. This is a first for me.

Stream info ITUNES advanced/open audio stream/ http://techno.neostreams.info:22440

October 15, 2009

The Recorder Series; Perfomance Practice


Anaïs, Geraldine, Amélie, Iggy and Gorse, Recorders

Iggy and Gorse

Verbum Caro Factum Est, Anonym, fin du XIVe siècle

Et Resurrexit, Antoine de Fevin 1470-1511


Questa dolce sirena, Jacob van Eyck 1590-1657

Geraldine and Gorse

Sonate "La Baussan", Philbert de Lavigne, 1690-1750

Gracieusement - Rondeau - Tambourin

Iggy and Gorse

Anonym, début du XVIe siècle

Ich sag ade, anonym, début du XVIe siècle

Il Lamento, Thomas Morley, 1557-1602

Anaïs and Gorse

Sonate XI, op. 1, Jean Baptiste Loeillet, 1688-?,

Largo - Allegro - Adagio - Giga

Iggy and Gorse

Fire and Lightning, Thomas Morley, 1557-1602

Dooden Dans, Paul Matthysz, env. 1650

Amélie and Gorse

Yesterday, Paul McCartney

Angels, Robbie Williams / Guy Chambers