April 25, 2009

26 April, Shakespeare Celebration, Music and Sonnets


Renaissance Island

 12 pm 26 April 2009

Petronella Piers, SONNETS

Thom Dowd, Gorse Ferraris, RECORDERS

It was a lover and his lass, Thomas MORLEY 1557-1602

Il Lamento, Thomas MORLEY 1557-1602

Now is the month of Maying' , Thomas MORLEY 1557-1602

Sonnets; 18, 20

My deerest Mistrisse, William CORKINE fl. 1610

Go heavy thoughts, William CORKINE fl. 1610

Downe, downe proud minde, William CORKINE fl. 1610

Fortune, William BIRD 1540-1623

If my Complaints, John DOWLAND 1597

Sonnets; 29, 94

Doen Daphne Jacob van Eyke 1590-1657

Fantasia, Orlando GIBBONS 1583-1625

Suite in E minor, Daniel Demoivre

Gavott, Saraband, Jigg

Sonnets; 116, 154

Sonate fa maj, Georg Philipp TELEMANN 1681-1767

     Vivace, Largo, Allegro

Thom and Gorse will play a concert of English music at Renaissance Island SecondLife on Sunday 26 April at 12 P.M. slt (21.00 Suisse.) Steam address; http://cp1.digi-stream.com:10306/listen.pls

April 4, 2009

25 and 26 April Shakespeare, Music and Sonnets

Weekend Shakespeare birthday bash at Renaissance Island. (Music and sonnets that you won't believe.)
Details to be anounced.

4 APRIL 09 Mostly Baroque (but still alive)

4 April 2009. Thom and Gorse will play a concert of mostly baroque music at Music Island at 12 pm (21.00 Suisse.) Gorse has a new bass recorder! She will play the basso continuo for me on several pieces. This is going to be fun!!!

Will will open with 2 renaissance pieces by Landini for tenor and bass recorders, then I will play Wat zal men op den avond doen, one of my favorite pieces by van Eyck on a transition soprano.
Next we will enter the 18th century with a suite of an unknown composer (Fischer?) for alto recorder and B.C.

After we will go to France for a suite for 2 alto recorders from Les Fleurs (The Flowers) by Delavingne. Then a solo suite by Demoivre. Finally we will play the famous solo sonata in F major for alto and B.C. by Telemann.

If you are not in SecondLife you can listen at 38.96.45:8888
I-TUNES, advanced, open stream, paste the number 38.96.45:8888 ok.