June 27, 2009

June 2, 2009

Music or Die Concert No. 1

Music or Die is a student group of 5 recorder students from Fribourg Switzerland. They will be playing thier first public concert of renaissance and baroque music at 12 p.m. SecondLife (2100 Suisse) on Saturday 6 June. This concert can be listened to by pasting into itunes/advanced/open audio stream.


Music Island

 12 pm 6 June 2009

Pierre Attaingnant


Pavane 3


Pavenne 1

AMELIE Recercada I Diego Ortiz (ca. Toledo, 1510 – Naples, 1570)

MARIE Canzona No 1 G. Frescobaldi

John Playford

Clog Branle

Mayden Lane

Gathering Peascods

OLIVIA Largo J.-B. Loeillet

FABIENNE Giga J.-B. Loeillet

JONAS Non tanto allegro F. Barsanti

LEO Prélude F. D. Philidor

J.-C. Schickhardt Concerto no. 5 for 4 alto recorders and B.C.

Largo, Allegro