May 4, 2011


It has been another enriching musical season for us all here in Fribourg. 11 concerts of high quality music featuring the recorder in all it's beauty and diversity. Amateurs playing there hearts out, kids having fun and professionals demonstrating their incredible skills and long term dedication. All giving in the desire to expose a worldwide audience to the instrument and music that they all love.
We sincerely thank you for your active participation in this internet music project. Without you out there listening and giving your precious feedback we would be performing in the dark.

This summer I will be moving my house and studio. I will leave the city for an old farm house in the Swiss countryside. There we will have a wonderful concert and studio space to present are concerts. My goal for next season is to be able to provide live video concerts that everyone can see here on my blog or in Facebook. 1 click and you'll be live in my music room. This will increase the audience size significantly and with that I will be able to interest more high quality artists to perform. In the works are concerts of a professional jazz guitarist and another with a professional saxaphone quartet and......

These are all dreams and ideas that I wanted to share with you. Now I've got to prepare to move and set up. I'll keep you all posted here. Please feel free to give me your ideas and don't forget, ALL MY MUSIC CAN BE DOWNLOADED FOR FREE AT SOUNDCLICK.

All My Best, Thom Dowd (Thomas Coard)